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Voltalia UK Ltd is proposing to develop the South Farm Solar Park near Spetisbury, Dorset, DT11 9EJ. The site is located around 1km to the south west of Spetisbury.


Dorset Council approved the plans for South Farm Solar Park in November 2019.  Voltalia are now finalising their strategy for the build out and it is anticipated that the pre-commencement information will be submitted to the Council in late 2020.  


It is envisaged that the South Farm Solar Park will have a generating capacity of up to 40 megawatts (MW). It will generate clean, renewable energy for around 12,120 homes a year. There will be electrical connection infrastructure and the point of connection to the electricity grid is an existing electrical network that runs through South Farm. Land will be provided for ecological mitigation and enhancement and with particular consideration to fauna, flora and bird species. In order to fully utilise the network connection capacity, the proposal may include around 10MW of battery storage containers that can provide additional power to the grid when the solar park is not exporting at peak capacity.


The scheme would displace circa 17,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide that may otherwise be generated through the burning of traditional fossil fuels. Fossil fuel remains the dominant source of energy generation, accounting to 81.5% of the UK’s energy supply which in itself provides the need to deliver more renewable energy at the local level.


Founded in 2005, Voltalia is power producer and service provider in renewable electricity production from solar, wind, hydro and biomass energies. As an integrated company, Voltalia has developed a strong expertise throughout the value chain of a renewable project: project development, project financing, EPC and operation & maintenance. Voltalia is responsible for the installation of over 22 solar parks in the UK with a total capacity of over 196 MW.



Our mission is “to improve the global environment by promoting local development”. Our proposal forms part of our wider commitment of securing at least 100MW of subsidy free renewable energy for Dorset and the south west. We are also moving forward with other renewable energy schemes located near Yeovil and Sherborne.  All our sites will contribute towards addressing national and local electricity needs by generating an affordable and renewable source of clean energy.




The main benefits of the development proposed are summarised below:

  • Subsidy free. South Farm will not require government subsidy. Solar is now one of the most cost effective sources of clean renewable electricity generation in the UK.

  • Local suppliers. Voltalia are committed to using local suppliers during construction and operation.

  • Assist with enabling Dorset to play its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with local, national and international targets.

  • Contribute towards the security of energy supply in Dorset through the provision of local, affordable renewable energy supply.

  • Biodiversity enhancement and landscaping proposed across the site

  • The Solar Park is predominantly sited on lower grade agriculture land.

  • The continued agricultural use of the site can be achieved by allowing sheep to manage the grassland within the solar park.



The UK Government has signed up to a Renewable Energy Directive of providing 15% of energy from renewables by 2020 (based on 2008 baseline). The 2017 output only reached 10.2% and there will have to be a much greater level of deployment over the next two years in order to meet the target. Furthermore, a quarter of the UK’s generating capacity is due to close by 2019 so a new mix of electricity generation is needed to keep the lights on. With the UK’s climate change ambitions being amongst the highest in Europe, we will need to significantly increase our renewable energy growth without jeopardising electricity supply, or increasing costs for consumers.



The approved layout plans and other key documents can be viewed in the links below. 


All of our application documents are available to view on the Dorset Council’s online planning register;

The Council validated the planning application [Ref 2/2019/0850] on 21st June 2019 and conditional planning permission was given on 15th November 2019. 


If you are after a specific planning application document then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

DOWNLOAD - Site Location Plan 

DOWNLOAD - Proposed Site Layout

DOWNLOAD - Soft Landscape Proposals

DOWNLOAD - Battery Compound Plan  

DOWNLOAD - Fence Details

DOWNLOAD - Mounting Structure 

DOWNLOAD - Planning Statement   

DOWNLOAD - Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary 

DOWNLOAD - Community Engagement Report



If you would like to be kept up to date with Voltalia plans for our site at South Farm then please contact us on the details provided below.  Please provide your contact details if you wish to get a response.  Any information provided will only be used for the purpose of the planning application to the Local Planning Authority and will not be disclosed with any third parties.  Your contact details will not be listed on the planning application documentation

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